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Our auto-scheduler is innovative in design and performance:

You will notice the difference at first glance and you will never want to use software solutions that use a table for scheduling, yes! that table which is many pages. Our unique data presentation means that you do not need to open other windows. The system displays everything you need in one location and with just a glance, you can make informed decisions based on aggregated facts and forecasts.

You can schedule 800 shift positions in less than a minute and let your scheduler focus on improving the efficiency and performance of the organization by creating a quality short-term plan (schedule) for the operations. With the shift-centric real-time indicators (counters) allow the scheduler to make modifications that can improve performance and/or reduce operational costs.

Using this component you can manage all the different types of leave, from vacation and sick leave to pregnancy and compasionate care. The forecasts will help you make informed decision and aviod employee shortages. Historical data readily is available for each leave request.

Your employees are connected to each other and the HR staff. Using their app, they can see their schedule, trade shifts, submit leave or schedule requests, determine their availability, get notifications and more.

You can't manage what you can't measure. The Analytics provides hundreds of metrics from employees' performance to organization's performance. You can also retrieve payroll for a given period in a flash.

With this component you have access to hundreds of setting items by which you can set the rules for everything that is done by SmartShift Suite. For instance, set the rules for swapping shifts or switch to pre-outbreak mode.

This component is used for tracking field workers for their attendance and reviewing the information of the clients. For instance, with this component you can check where your caregivers are or review the informtion of residents of each house.

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SmartShift is the product of a Canadian software company, SmartMed, incorporated in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

SmartShift Suite is a revolutionary workforce management or scheduling and staffing solution. It has six components and is designed to connect all the stakeholders in an organization and improve efficiency.

SmartShift has won several tech and innovation competitions, including Innovacorp's Sprint competition and Volta Labs' Volta Cohort.

Our mission is to design and implement smart, fast and user-friendly software solutions that halp our customers with efficiency, performance and employee and client satisfaction through creating quality schedules.
Our team is made up of business and tech leaders, clinicians, Software engineers and graphic designers.
Our knowledge and experience working in different areas and understanding the challenges of the work drives our desire to design quality products that will work on the ground.

President: Arman Izadi MD, MHI. Arman has extensive clinical, management, and informatics experience. Linkedin

Advisor: Bonnie MacDonald, Commerce. Bonnie is an experienced business consultant. She is an expert in vision building and goal setting. Developing customer centric strategies and tactics to inspire the leadership and associate teams to strengthen the brand. Linkedin

Advisor: Paul Black , Strategist, Faculty Member. Paul has enjoyed many opportunities to work with and learn from politicians, leaders in government, NGOs and the private sector leaders over the past 20 years. Linkedin

Advisor: Sara Colburne , Public Relations. Sara has a rare natural ability to network and coordinate on people's strengths. Always calm under pressure, she is someone who can be counted on to see the bigger picture, as well as follow through on tasks. Linkedin

Head of Sales and Marketing: Sophia Capozzi-Davis, Commerce. Sophia leads our marketing and sales processes. Linkedin

Sales and Marketing Manager: Nicole Young, Commerce, Nicole manages our marketing and sales processes. Linkedin

Sales and Marketing Manager: Hope Rikhtegar, Commerce, Hope manages our marketing and sales processes. Linkedin

Senior Product Manager: Aaqib Shehzad, MHI, Aaqib works with Arman to launch the product, conduct architecture risk analysis, and provide product validation and improvement. Linkedin

Corporate Secretary: Ayda Afshar BFA. Ayda is an experienced graphic and interface designer. Linkedin

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Phone: +1-902-414-2884

Address: 1505 Barrington St Unit 100, Halifax, NS B3J 3K5.